Politicians on HIV/AIDS

In this fascinating roller-coaster of a candidate race we haven’t heard terribly much about public health, especially about HIV/AIDS. Granted, much of the focus on issues like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy and who said what about whom is salient to the large-font headlines that most people glance at in the morning. But whichever candidate ends up in the White House in 2009 will have to face the looming presence of HIV/AIDS both in this country and around the world. Democrats Clinton and Obama have both put forward plans to address the epidemic in every locale. These plans, as well as a multitude of other information about their views and plans. To this blogger’s ear they both seem to be saying the same things: all good things too as it turns out. The Kaiser Family Foundation has a great site to compare the candidates views and plans, click HERE to check it out.

The presumptive Republican candidate McCain has yet to issue a plan for HIV/AIDS and seems to be lacking in general knowledge about responses to the epidemic as evidenced in this blog post from the New York Times. He also has a spot on the Kaiser Family Foundation page.

I’ve no doubt that this will continue to be an interesting race and hope to be able to get a clearer picture of their views and plans for confronting this epidemic head-on. Each of the candidates’ web pages has the opportunity for you to voice your concerns and advocate for specific issue:

Barack Obama: Click here

Hilary Clinton: Click here

John McCain: Click here

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