Thoughts on the future of HIV from the recent winners of the Nobel Prize in medicine

Luc Montagnier and Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, two French scientists who now share the Nobel Prize in medicine for their influence in the discovery of HIV, spoke with French President Nicolar Sarkozy on Wednesday about the global financial crisis and the impact that it may have on HIV/AIDS funding worldwide.

Both men spoke of legitiamte concerns that international HIV/AIDS funding and research could suffer as a result of the recent global financial crisis.  CARES is, of course, keeping close tabs on the global market, and will be diligent in updating this blog as new, pertinent information arises. 

On another note, Nobel Peace prize recipient Montagnier, on Tuesday, discussed progress on the development of a therapeutic, rather than preventive, HIV/AIDS vaccine.  Montagnier said that, if appropriate financial resources are available, the results of a therapeutic vaccine as a possible treatment–which would prevent the virus from progressing in a person already living with HIV– could be published in three to four years. 

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