Federal Funds Support Disproven Abstinence-Only Education

Vermont CARES was dismayed to see the scope of federal dollars recently allocated to renew sexual health programs which overlook comprehensive sexuality education and instead focus on abstinence as the only means of reducing risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.  This $250 million in total counters good science, policy, and health. 

Vermont CARES provides comprehensive HIV education around the full range of HIV prevention methods that include abstinence, but of course we also provide resources around safer sex and safer injection.  Our position continues that promoting abstinence to the exclusion of other risk reducing activities seriously undermines public health policy.  Continuing these flawed programs leads to more unintended pregnancies, HIV risks, and transmission of other sexually transmitted infections.   

Abstinence-only education programs are proven not to work, and actually have the inverse results in terms of HIV risks.  We continue to advocate for a shift of limited federal resources from abstinence-only education to fully comprehensive HIV education.  For background, visit this article:



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