Vermont CARES debuting HIV stigma movie

For over two decades, Vermont CARES has provided schools, organizations, religious institutions, and workplaces with vital information, skills-building, and other presentations to make sure people across the state know how to reduce their HIV risks.  Our bureau of HIV-positive speakers has accompanied our trained HIV educators for years, not only sharing skills and information but also the personal reality of living with the virus. 

A major goal of this program is to reduce the stigma still associated with HIV/AIDS.  Participants who see a presentation featuring someone living with HIV are more likely to practice safer sex, more likely to follow through with staying safe, and are more likely to respond positively to people with HIV/AIDS. 

Unfortunately, in such a rural state, it is tough to get to all the schools and towns we want to.  To solve this problem, we have put together a video describing life with HIV in Vermont to share with classrooms, organizations, or anyone who wants to learn more about HIV but cannot afford or logistically manage getting a speaker to where they are. 

Called “Breaking Barriers,” this video will be debuting at next weekend’s Gathering of Friends, an annual retreat organized by the Vermont People With AIDS Coalition.  We are thrilled to be debuting this video, and we hope it will be a valuable instructional tool as well as a way to change attitudes in our small state.  Check out our website in coming days; we’ll be sure to post the video when it’s available!

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